CROSSOVER COMBO SALE + Troubleshooting your Inflatable with Melissa | Pogo Bounce House

CROSSOVER COMBO SALE + Troubleshooting your Inflatable with Melissa | Pogo Bounce House

Here are some tips if you are finding that 
your inflatable is not inflating or not staying inflated. Or just not inflating fully. So: the 
first thing we’re gonna go over is the blower. In the back of the unit, you’re going to have two 
blower shoots. You’re gonna have one blower shoot   Here, and you’re gonna have one here. Now, some units will come with a blower 
shoot that has a right angle.   That is for fitting up against a wall or something 
like that, whereas both of these now are straight. What you want to do is take your blower, make 
sure obviously that you are using the correct   Size blower. If you are using a blower that 
is too small, it will not inflate the unit.   If you are using a blower that is too large, it 
could push air out of the seams, causing tears. So you want to make sure you’re using the right 
blower. You want to take the blower shoot,   Pull it up over the head of the blower, and 
then using this strap, you want to wrap it   Around and then obviously pull it through, 
just like a belt, until it is very tight. Now, you’ll know when it’s on there all the 
way. To reduce any sort of tripping hazard,   I often tuck any extra string just around here. Now, it’s important that this blower shoot is open 
and straight, that there are no kinks. If there’s   Any kinks, if it’s twisted, if you put it on so 
that this attention sign is at the bottom, air is   Not going to go through it and it will not inflate 
your unit. So this is going to be your number   One cause- at least to start with- of why your 
blower, or your inflatable, is not blowing up. Number two: Your extra blower shoot. 
This needs to be closed, obviously,   So that the air doesn’t come out. So after you 
attach one, you want to go ahead and seal off   Your second one. Now what’s also important about 
this is that you can tuck it back in, again,   So that you don’t have to worry about anyone 
potentially tripping on it. And then you Velcro   Right over it, and only one blower shoot 
is visible, now attached to the blower. An important thing to remember with your blower, 
apart from making sure you’re using the correct   Horsepower for your unit, is: When using an 
extension cord, it should not be more than 75   Feet and needs to be a minimum of 12 gauge. We do 
recommend 10 or 12 gauge, 12 being the minimum,   Just because of the safety and making 
sure that the energy is flowing properly. Now, also important is if you’re 
having issues with your blower   Not running, you might want to check the amperage 
of your actual outlet. It could be triggering your   Switch or something like that, and that could 
be the reason why you’re not seeing the blower. So, every unit that you purchase is going to vary 
with regard to how many zippers it has. Typically,   The quantity of zippers will correspond with 
the size of the unit. So this unit here, we   Have two zippers. One on each side. Zippers have 
to be closed in order for the unit to inflate. So in this case, this is what an open zipper looks 
like. You want to make sure that the extra fabric  

Here is tucked in, because that’s gonna help 
create the seal. You want to zip it up, and then   Close it off. So now you’ve created basically 
a three-fold seal where the zipper is. So, same thing here. You want to take this 
extra piece of vinyl, you want to tuck it in,   You want to zip, and then fold your flap 
down, make sure you Velcro it in place.   And then once again, you have your 
three-fold seam keeping the air in. One of the most-missed and biggest issues for 
your unit not to inflate is going to be hidden   Under the slide right here. This will help   Often to dry the unit if there’s 
water, but it needs to be closed   With the Velcro in order for you to make 
sure that the air is not coming out. So, we’re gonna check the other side. Same thing 
here, We got our open flap, we’re gonna close it,   And there you go! Our unit should 
be completely ready to set up. So this here is your built-in water system. 
It’s gonna go on the top of the slide,   Come down the side, and then all you 
have to do is screw on any standard hose   And then connect that to your water 
source and go ahead and turn it on. So, here’s some tips to properly 
deflate your unit. These will help   You deflate it faster and get more air 
out so it’s easier to roll and store. Now that the blower’s off, we’re gonna go 
ahead and go around and do our zippers.   Zippers are easier to do if the unit is 
still partially up. So we’re gonna unzip,   And then this magic trick is: you can 
roll and it will keep the unit open. Obviously, if you have slides, and they did have 
this seal, you want to make sure that it’s open.   And then same to over here.   Open it and then just tuck it, 
so it’s not covering the hole.   Now if you want, you can leave those up. Then the 
air will also escape that way before you roll. So now that we have deflated our 
unit, we’re gonna wanna open this up   And take out the tube that you previously hid. 
So we want to open him: *Doo-doo-doo-doo!* You have to say that when you open it, by the way. Air’s gonna get out there, and then 
obviously you want to disconnect your blower. Now, having all of these parts open   Is gonna obviously help you remove 
the air as fast as possible. PRO TIP: Take off your shoes and 
you can actually walk the air out.   You want to always walk toward a zipper,   Toward a blower shoot, and you can help push the 
air out faster. But always without your shoes on. Also fun for the children 
when you’re putting it away,   To get a little last excitement out of the unit.

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