How to roll and fold a Bounce house with the slide 3/1 combo double lane Dry ! Super easy .

How to roll and fold a Bounce house with the slide 3/1 combo double lane Dry ! Super easy .

All right guys today we’re going to show Mia is going to show you guys how to Fold a three in one combo double lane Miss show us how to turn it off come on Let’s go Turn it off let’s go Let’s go let’s see how you turn it up Well done as soon as you turn it off you Want to make sure you’re pulling the Netting on the side a bit make sure Everything falls towards the center Just like that Beautiful good job Mia and now we go Inside there and we take it down now We’re gonna open up this zipper in the Back you want to help me open that Zipper Go ahead Beautiful good job Ah look at all that air coming out feels Great Okay now super simple we gotta get the Other zipper open let’s go the one on The slide part And they will come back for the mouth of The blower I found the other zipper [Music] Two zippers there we go two zippers down All right Mia your turn step on all the Slide get all that air out Well I always tie the mouse of the Blowers You never know when they’re gonna tip

Over never know when you fold them like This you get a little bit more pressure In the bounce house there’s a brand new Unit doesn’t need it but I’m just used To doing it Now super simple Step on it get the air out which take us About two minutes To get a nice nice and flat probably Less You want to throw everything towards the Inside Good job man come on help me pull it Here’s the best Mia is the best right Mia So you want to give four pillars Make them cross So all the pillars To the opposite side all to the side It looks something like that all the Material in the center You got it Mia Good job baby You’re swimming it’s like swimming in The ocean Yeah nice Awesome So at this stage you can go ahead and Start folding all right man probably Start folding this Come here Come over here You broke your elbow Oh you can pull this one here no problem

You don’t want to do too much When they’re dry I’m gonna fold them up Nice and nice and tall About Plus a six foot tall I like doing them they pay very good in The trailer When you gotta load up Get a nice nice tight roll Easy easy to handle When they got water you might want to do About five feet tall Easier to row And So this is almost done right here Super simple Nice Now the best part You never want to have the net outside Catch on to that net you know there’s so Much money These are the straps You want to have these hooks on them So when you put them underneath you Don’t have to put Stakes This will hook on to the grass So this will hook onto the grass We got the customer’s house and boom You don’t need a sticker though Put it right along You can do it one hit lift up on here Tuck it in your feet About two different straps to see which One works best

So you can see They work very good both for them Whichever one you like best they’re both Ten dollars Home Depot Husky brand You know you need them Throw it right there tuck it underneath You don’t need to have it so far deep in There With your feet Trust me I’ve done this with them full Of water Got rained out Still very easy Super simple Now you just want to start the Rope Yes Let’s see don’t forget these bad boys Right here Make sure you have the straps on them Right underneath Ready to go Okay Yeah baby Here we go All you gotta do is just hold it and Lean back Hold it and lean back As you can see he’s just chugging along Cleaning it up Very very simple At this point I’m gonna come in Get a little closer Straps never moved You don’t need to Anchor him down

He’s lean back Do your body weight do all the work Yeah beautiful You already got you two straps Yeah You two straps ready to go I think you’re not make your Loop I’m ready to go Look at that super simple Bro And it still had water Look at that Still hot water from the weekend Show you guys how it stands really Easily You can still hear all the water

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