How to Use Your DIY Sprinkler Hose Kit | Pogo Bounce House

How to Use Your DIY Sprinkler Hose Kit | Pogo Bounce House

Hi everyone this is a tutorial on how to Use the do-it-yourself sprinkler hose Kit this kit is very much meant to be a Replacement for your current system and Not as much a repair for your system so First I'm going to show you everything That comes in your kit you're going to Get 50 feet of PVC tubing Um might not be pink it might be yellow Really depends on the package you're Also going to get three sprinkler heads As you can see here two sprinkler heads Will be one-sided And one sprinkler head will be open on Both sides Um so it's gonna again depend on the System you're rebuilding you are going To get two Um these are hose fittings hose Connector fittings so this is obviously The end where you attach your hose so You're going to get two of those you're Gonna get Um zip ties zip ties to Um replace any broken Velcro if you need to actually you know Attach the unit attached to the unit That's what the zip ties are for and We'll also get four elbow fittings and Four Of the three-way fittings so I'm going To just give a quick demonstration on How to build this now Best practice

Um to make this easy for you is to Remove your current system and use it as A template so you can measure out how Much Um tubing you need you can cut it with Any any box cutter or sharp knife and Then you're literally going to piece This together to build a replica of the Current setup that you have so I'm going To just do a quick little demo here So I have this end Um and I need to just turn it one way So I'm going to go ahead and use the Elbow you're going to get it on there All the way and you see it's just in the Tubing It's got a very tight fit it's not going To come out And then obviously this is just an Example you're going to put the tubing Then also on the other side so now You've created your elbow Bend if your Unit needs an elbow Bend now If you're out if your unit needs A three-way Splice It's going to be very similar You are going to Put the tubing on You've created your three-way And then obviously you would have your Third Piece so now if your unit requires a Three-way connection

Um you would be looking at that Obviously this build can be relatively Infinite to you know create what you Need for the design of your unit so if You needed to then break something again Splice it farther these are all options Again best practice would be to use use The units Um that you have now that's being Replaced to get your template set so Um hoses similar Um when you get to the end where the Hose connects so we've we've created the Unit that we want we'll use this one as An example so we've created our our unit Now we want this side to be where the Hose goes very similar You first obviously want to put the Connector in there And then this piece just goes in the end Of the hose So There you go You have that connection and then you Would just plug your hose in right here Now other things that can be done we're Just keep building off of this If you need Um you've built now this connection You've got your hose going here and you Need your actual sprinkler head here This is again very easy you're just Going to stick the sprinkler head in Here get it on tight you want to kind of

Go a few notches in to make sure it's Really in there so when you are Connecting these units we include these Zip ties So that you can go ahead And also secure The ends Obviously if you want to cut these off That is an option as well So now you have like extra security There we recommend that you do this at All of your Ends that you have fitted Um for the sake of Uh security so As you can see we have now built Um using this end Again Sometimes you have to work your magic to Get it in but it does go in Um Um so we're gonna secure this And now we have Essentially a functional unit So again just to recap Um important things to know about the Kit zip ties Um can be used either to secure Your hose to your unit or and we Recommend to make sure that you Reinforce your fittings Um the kit itself is going to come with And and this is important two sprinkler Heads that are closed on one side so

They're one-way sprinkler heads And one sprinkler head that is open on Both sides and you'll be able to see it Through it when you look at it now this Is meant to be uh like uh you know the Water goes through so this is not an end Piece this is a between sprinkler head You're also going to get the four Um elbow fittings For making two-way splits and then the Three way fittings to make three-way Splits as well as two Um Hose fitting connections so Um this unit itself is uh potentially More than you might need for one one Unit so you have a lot of ability I Think to build Um whether it's for our product or for a Product that you purchase somewhere else And you need to replace the hose so it's It's Um a good product Tips from uh people who have built them Before is again as I said use your unit As a template or use the previous water System as a template Um otherwise you know you don't want to Be cutting Um pieces Too Short where they're not Going to work especially when it comes To making sure that you've cut this long Enough to use the velcro Um because if you can't attach it to the

Velcro it's not going to stay where it Needs to be so If you have any questions uh please Reach out to us and we can give you some Some other tips and help but hopefully This um video kind of gives you a good Understanding of how to build your own Hose based on our do-it-yourself kit

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